Five Feet High & Rising

The Johnny Cash song seems entirely appropriate in light of 24 hours constant rain. The only Fifty Shade Of Grey connected with Whaley Bridge Cricket Club can be found in the heavy, pendulous clouds that show no sign of clearing. Tomorrow’s games are almost certainly off, which is good because our scorer is not available, in fact reports from the groundsman suggest the ground is closed for the weekend.

When it finally does reopen you will be pleased to know that I have stocked up on Wagon Wheels!

And speaking of food, a mass of strawberries have appeared courtesy of Tomsons Fruit & Veg, and there is a good deal of speculation as to what these will be used for. Favourite amongst the more desperate cricket club members is that they will be strategically placed for photographs in a naked WI style calendar, whilst another popular theory is that we are amassing enough jam for a ladies naked jam wrestling jamboree.

Personally, I think the whipped cream to go with this amount of jam would induce serious heart problems, and I think I’ll just stick to eating the delicious fresh fruit.

Now, dont you think it would be nice to have some cricket to write about?