It Never Rains….

Cant really agree with that statement at the moment. It always rains, and it always pours. Seconds called off yesterday, two junior games off today, and weather forecast is….

Here’s an odd thing for all of you frustrated cricketers out there. Obviously games have been called off at different times over the last few weeks, and you will probably have arrived home at varying times, most of which would be significantly earlier than if you had been out playing all day. So, have you all accrued lots of Brownie points? No? Me neither. That jar in the corner should be full but its not!

Anyway, Lee Jones finally got some runs for the season at Charlesworth, and Ed Kitchen showed that Eddie Ford is not the only slow bowler in the first team. Lee then showed that Ed and Eddie are probably the only two slow bowlers in the firsts.

Milly returned to the seconds and batted 12 overs for 4 (unbeaten) showing a return to form, though much more encouraging was Harry Bold’s 15 not out.

Its been a week free of cricketing updates due to The Trip (which I obviously cant talk about), but it certainly put the weather into perspective.

In our historic international victory over Sporting Alfas of Alicante the mercury topped 41 degrees. Now I’m no medic but could that kind of temperature have anything to do with the unnatural bruising that appeared on Dave Marchington’s leg after Neil Woolley finally managed to time one?