Here Comes The Rain Again

Another washout for the seconds yesterday, fortunately the good chaps at Hazel Grove were of a similar mindset to ourselves and it was all over very early. The firsts had a long drawn out affair, with one over, followed by rain, followed by tea (including rain), followed by a late session interspersed with rain. It all turned out ok in the end as they beat High Lane by about 50 runs, with Lee Jones finally coming out of semi retirement to score some runs, and Eddie Ford taking 7 wickets on an obviously favourable pitch.

In other news, the covers were resurrected in controversial circumstances. Milly was overseeing a rearranged under 11s game last Thursday when Rigger took the opportunity to get some of the seniors to drag the covers up from what many thought was their final resting place. Rigger thought this was prudent, Milly thought that this was a health & safety risk.

Now, I wasnt there, and although I have heard both sides of the story I am not in a position to debate the rights and wrongs. But at the end of the day we are a village cricket club run by a series of willing volunteers. Inevitably, some people do more than others, and inevitably some people make more noise than others, but am I being naive in believing that all of these issues could be resolved with a friendly chat and a bit of common sense rather than a full blown escalation and a race to see who can tell their side of the story first and to the most people?

I await the development of a friendly debate with interest.

Please note: the views expressed on this page are those of the second team captain and not Whaley Bridge Cricket Club. As I have said before, if you want a page on the website all to yourself just let me know and I will be happy to oblige (except Crompton).