Looks Like Rain!

The firsts took a sensible decision to call off the game against Compstall early. The seconds werent so fortunate, trying in vain to play at the Wok, eventually giving up around 3.30. We did manage to fit in a very nice tea, though Sam Slack wasnt too impressed as he’d just had a large portion of fish & chips. Not looking good for tomorrow’s cup games – but we can expect an early decision from both camps.

Good night was had by all on Monday – but no idea how the window got broken. 

Talk of turning it into an annual event – not sure the Queen would oblige though. Maybe a Whaley Bridge Mardi Gras, or even the coronation of Lady M! All suggestions welcome.

Under 17s appears to have been desperately unlucky, losing in the cup on the toss of a coin, speaking of which, both senior teams would probably take a double washsout now and take their chances in a bowl out against Hawk Green and New Mills. Looks like we wont have to pray too hard for more rain!

Entertaining journey back from Compstall with Gibbo in the front and Fid, Woody, Peter Crowley and NE Morten in the back. It was all going so well until Peters phone started vibrating!