Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing

Its been a typically “Whaley Bridge Cricket Club” week, but with hindsight, it was probably to be expected. As reported previously, Milly chose to go umpiring at the weekend rather than make himself available for 1st team cricket, and with hindsight that may prove to be a wise decision. I suspect the joys of Buxton 2nds v Hazel Grove 2nds wasnt exactly an enthralling start to his umpiring season, but as D’Ream once said, “Things can only get better”. So, we picked the teams, and included Dec, which in hindsight was probably a mistake as the Jubilee Weekend was obviously going to be a bumper one for the sale of Marigolds and the hire of the hands to fill them. N.E. Morten came in to the firsts, along with Peter Crowley, and then there was Tommo. He announced that he would be too tired to play for the firsts at Mottram but would be ok for the seconds, but with hindsight this was a bad idea, particularly with the Milly situation. Anyway, Tommo got tireder and tireder, and again with hindsight, the extra workload brought on by the Jubilee Weekend, when cucumber sandwiches would be greatly in demand, should not be underestimated. So the seconds remained intact, and the firsts got second team number 9 (or 10 depending upon the situation), TR Wild, to fill the void left by the fatigued greengrocer. Now, Dale had decided that TR would open the batting, and although there were doubts about his suitability for this, with hindsight it wasn’t the worst move in the world. But that was not the end of it. Ed Kitchen, who was unavailable, then became available, but only for the seconds as he had parental duties that prevented him from travelling to Mottram. With hindsight, the fact that the seconds game finished at just before 8 o’clock meant that playing in the firsts would have made very little difference. TR agreed that Ed should play in the 2nds and Jake should be promoted to the 1sts, but Dale and Eddie decided to apply a little foresight, which in hindsight was probably the right thing to do. For whatever reason, Ed was stating that he could only play in the 2nds, and this was not fair on others who had been refused a similar request, so Ed’s offer was politely declined, and TR was once again instated as the first team opening bat. With hindsight Russ might well have taken a tub of anti bruising cream and a more robust box with him, but he played an invaluable part in gaining the firsts a draw when defeat seemed inevitable. The seconds, meanwhile, tasted their second defeat of the season at home to Broadbottom, but there were several pluses, notably Harry Bold and Callum McIlveen. With hindisght we could have batted first, but it probably would not have made a difference to the end result.

Onto more pertinent matters, and with hindsight we should have realised just how vital Scholesy’s input to the teas was before he left. There was meat left at the butchers, a shortage of orange juice, and a mountain of sugar! Hopefully this will get sorted before the next match, though somebody needs to apply a little foresight and get an industrial sized flagon of orange juice rather than rely on little bottles. But I suppose that’s easy to say with hindsight.

Anyway Luke, have you got it yet? With hindsight you probably shouldn’t have left that ball, and hopefully this blog will give you some sort of insight (not to be confused with hindsight) as to the meaning of the aforementioned hindsight, and by that I mean the word ‘hindsight” and not the hindsight that has been implicated throughout!

I will give you the options:-

1. The view from the lookout on Sir Francis Drake’s galleon

2. The view of the back legs of ruminating cattle

3. Perception of the significance and nature of events after they have occurred

With hindsight I could have made that a little harder!

Finally in this section, congratulations to Willy Morten for winning the annual golf day, and also to Colin Wild who managed a birdie in more ways than one when his approach shot managed to hit a Canadian Goose! Thats a feather in his cap as well as many more all over the course. Incidentally, not sure how he knew it was Canadian, presumably it had an American accent?! Don’t you just love irony?