Boom Boom Shake The Room

Selection was as (interesting/boring/emotional/repetitive* please select as appropriate) as ever last night, with opinions shared as to the merits of last Saturday’s first team performance and the “goings on” that followed. As I wasn’t there it would be unfair of me to comment (ha, when has that ever stopped me?), but Eddie’s dramatic rendition of the Eastenders theme tune seemed to condemn the whole episode to the bucket marked “soap opera”. The result is that the selection committee decided that players could not dictate which team they want to play for. Just so we are clear on this, ALL of the selection committee were in attendance, and the vote was unanimous, so there shouldnt be any of the typical “it wasnt me cos I wasnt there” nonsense that has followed other momentous decisions.

So, Milly decided he didnt want  to play for the 1sts and he has registered himself as an umpire for this weekend.

On the subject of Milly, he has registered me as an administrator of our ‘other’ website, which is the play-cricket one that we need for clubmark. Its not the best website in the world, but I’ll see what I can do with it and let you know any relevant links.

WBCC Play Cricket website

Looking forward to the under 13s game at picturesque Hayfield tomorrow night.

Rumour has it that Gibbo is about to embark on another sponsored slim. I can tell you that Tomsons Fruit & Veg will not be keen on this as it could see a dramatic drop in their potato order.

Entertaining meeting about the Jubilee Beacon – including news of a man who will play some uplifting music. The organisers are keen on the relevant Health & Safety certificates etc, and a full risk assessment has been done. The beacon will be lit at 10.15pm, fortunately long after the six a side revellers have disappeared.