Cry Offs

Weve had 3 so far this week – but there is a silver lining to this particular cloud. After two straight wins the 2nds suffered a setback last week as they lost to Chapel. Now, after 1 defeat in 3 its probably a bit early to use the word “crisis”, but the 2nds have been rejuvenated by the recall of the stoic TR Wild and the pugnacious Roy Clayton for the Trip to Hadfield.

Some stories I never hear of tiring, for instance the Nick Heys at Romiley tale, the Peter Crowley at Hollingworth tale, and of course Clayton’s winning knock at Buxworth. But I have heard the Luke Schofield exchange with the groundsman enough times already. Luke, its not the groundsman’s job to do the ground – thats what ground duty is for, but it wouldnt harm things if everyone volunteered to do a bit extra now and then, after all, we are all volunteers in this matter. And whilst on the subject, please keep the ground and changing rooms in particular tidy, including after hot and sticky nets when discarded bottles were littered around the practice area.

Rant over, and now an interesting exchange of views regarding bats (dont get me started on bat snobbery). Gibbo paid 160 for his, but “dont tell Peter as his is the same and he paid 220”. I have no intention of telling Peter, as my only thought on the matter is “what a waste of 380 quid”.