Beware Of The Dog

Had to tell several people recently about not bringing dogs into the pavilion, particularly the dining area, and its not just visitors. One prominent member of the club (who shall remain nameless) chose to bring his pooches inside, despite being fully aware of the rule. Any repeat may result in a name and shame campaign.

Thrilling match last night as the under 13s tied with High Lane, and it would be good to see a few more people up watching the future stars of the club emerge. Fixtures can be found on the home page of the club website.

Thursday – and no cry offs yet. Sam Slack has confirmed he is ok, which is a miraculous recovery as on Monday night it was rumoured that he was out for the season.

It has been noted that Peter Crowley has been getting into the cricketing camaraderie in recent weeks, and last Saturday he had to be told several times to stop leaning on Clayton. In an at present completely unrelated announcement, it is Dawn Young’s 50th in Whaley Club this coming Saturday.

Watch out for Euro 2012 shirt number ticket sales that will commence this weekend.