Early Storm Clouds

Well, we finally got to play some cricket at the weekend, and it was a bit of a mixed bag. The firsts managed to bowl Hollingworth out for just 108, then collapsed from 30-0 to 60 odd all out. It also looks like they may well have incurred the first fine of the season as there is no sign of a match report or even a score on the league website. Eddie Ford was said to be distraught, and it was anyone’s guess whether he would take a machine gun and shoot the entire team, or whether a single gunshot would suffice.

Congratulations to first team stumper Luke Schofield on obtaining his first passport. Luke has obviously never been abroad before, and when asked if he had ever been out of England he replied, “I’ve been to the Isle Of Wight”. I suspect that Luke will be a major contributor to this column in the coming months.

The seconds had a much better day, starting off with the unusual luxury of having 14 players and no cry offs. We eventually got to Hollingworth with 10 of the selected 11, and Ben Bettney arrived just in time, but more of Ben later. We were asked to field and managed to restrict a good side to 143 for 6, with Col taking 3 wickets, whilst at tea Gibbo did a rather sharpish double take as he realised that he had missed the pizza on the luxurious banquet table. After the loss of an early wicket Tommo and MMM steadied the ship, and we won with 5 balls and 4 wickets to spare. The game was played in an excellent spirit, and fantastic credit must go to Hollingworth for their hospitality.

And the second team are not lacking in confidence! New recruit Mr Bettney would have been next to bat, but with 30 required from 7 overs he simply announced that he would only need one. Look forward to seeing more of Ben over the next few weeks. Ben also described his bowling action as “medium pace that spins in at the batsman”, and whether or not this is true he did claim a victim. As well as Ben, youngster Ben Stones made his debut, also taking a wicket as almost everyone contributed to the victory.

Of some concern was Elliott, not for any cricketing reasons, but after snogging Crompy at the end of last season it was a worry that he remarked on how fantastic the captain smelt after getting changed at the end of the game.

Incidentally, the captain is sponsored by Lynx Pulse!