Anyone For Cricket?

We are optimistically looking forward to some cricket this weekend. I’ve been to the nets three times already this week, in fact there were 5 seniors and a junior up there tonight, not a bad turnout for Whaley. The groundsman has done a magnificent job in getting the ground ready for the weekend, but I am sure he would appreciate some help if you are available.

Now, here’s an odd thing. It’s Thursday night and not only have we still got 22 players, we’ve also got 2 reserves. No cry offs. Watch this space…

The Club Shop is now open. Not the sweetie one with the most varied selection of confectionery this side of Swizzles, this is for teamwear.  Have a look here:-

Finally, blatant advertising for the second team captain. The new cookery book Mmm…No1…Cookbook will be available very soon on Amazon (US) and Kindle. More details at Mmm…No1…Cookbook