Noah’s Ark Building Classes Indeed Oversubscribed

It can hardly be described as a case of premonition, but all of the first weekend’s fixtures have bveen postponed. AN Other will be most upset. He was really looking forward to his first of many games this season, as was his twin brother. On the positive side, Jake Drayson announced that he was available for the ill fated weekend, as did Reuben Cutts. Unfortunately Reuben then cried off before the weather intervened. I suspect many of us will still find our way to the Shepherds on Saturday night amidst cries of “Man The Lifeboats” (well it was the anniversary of the Titanic disaster last week.

Congratulations to number one son Ole Madden and his best mate Bruce Glover on their success at Derbvshire. Now, this isn’t success on the playing field, although we haven’t given up on that just yet. Ole was the 1,000th junior member at Derbyshire CCC and Bruce was 999th. The prize is a day of hospitality for Ole and his family (and Bruce) at Derbyshire this coming Saturday, so its probably quite fortunate that I don’t have to travel to Charlesworth. Having said that, I can’t believe anyone’s hospitality could rival that of the veritable wedding banquet that Charlesworth normally serve up on match days.