Ins And Outs

First Selection meeting of the season occurred last night and there was good availability, all 5 selectors and both captains turned up. Nobody bothered to appoint a Chairman – but Eddie Ford seemed to assume that position. Gibbo’s most notable contribution was to inform the meeting that he backed the winner of the Masters and the Grand National. As ever there were a fair amount of surprises, with Crompy falling out with cricket again, Scholesy moving down south, and Charlie Holden returning after a couple of years on the sidelines. The Kings boys were considered unavailable until a message came from Milly that Reuben is available. A phone call to Reuben established that he doesnt yet know if he is available. Farming will take some people out of the equation next week, whilst this week we have football and ice hockey to contend with. We somehow ended up with 2 teams of eleven, but on reflection the second team includes at least 2 people we have not yet asked and 2 AN Others! All this against the backdrop of a weather forecast that suggests that Noah’s Ark Building Classes could well be oversubscribed by the weekend. It promises to be a long hard season.