The Six A Side

To say that the six a side went off without incident would be a massive understatement, but it proved to be a successful day with a healthy profit. Scholesy was to be the prime organiser, which resulted in a round robin format that went on just a little too long (are you listening Scholesy?). The bar work started at 10am, if you discount the planning that goes into the logistical exercise of sourcing this amount of beverages and comestibles (are you listening Peter?). By 12.15 we were ready to go, but the lack of punters was a little off putting. Gradually the sportsmen appeared, as Dec and Gibbo started their gargantuan assault on the burgers, and by around 1pm we were under way. More burgers were consumed until we persuaded Dec and Gibbo to let the teams have a go, whilst Scholesy, in pristine cricket jumper that somehow conferred his authority, bustled about, going this way and that as he tried to conduct the draw and get the first game started. The punch took on a grey hue at an early stage, whilst the revellers complained that there was nothing in it (are you listening revellers?). The afternoon meandered along, with Scholesy following his Scrumpy Jack with a taste of the low alcohol fruit based beverage. It was clear that the White Hart were once again favourites, with talismanic slow bowler Clayton at the heart of it (no pun intended). In one over he confirmed what Sir Isaac Newton knew all along. What goes up must come down, and the higher it goes up the faster it must descend. One of his parabolics actually broke a bail, however television replays, that have since been dismissed as heresy, confirmed that it was the batsman that smashed wickets and bails, and not the ball itself. Scholesy’s previously snowy white jumper took on a reddish hue as some punch dripped form his crimson jowls, but all was still well. Sergeant Morten kept order in the face of adversity, but with Scholesy’s ridiculous format it was after 8pm when White Hart ‘A’ defeated White Hart ‘B’. Scholesy’s jumper had now taken on turquoise patches as more trouble with punch followed, and his face could be sued by whichever clown has the copyright on that particular design. We were in profit on the day, but with plenty of surplus stock we could easily hold another event on the Bank Holiday weekend, so watch this space for further details.