A Week As Second Team Captain – Saturday

Well – it all seems to have calmed down from Sunday. Milly is safely ensconced in the 2nds, and TR is playing too. Expect a ruck of end of season songs!

Its not actually raining at the moment – but its grey overhead. Just have to see what happens this morning but chances of play are good.

And then there were 10 – Jonesy has cried off so Milly comes into the firsts. We get Nige Morten and everyone’s happy – for now!

Seconds exuberant after a heroic victory against Hollingworth. This moves us into 4th spot, which equates to Champions League qualification in the Premier League. We have also adopted the opposition’s number 3, also known as “Hussain” as our favourite opposition player of the season. It wasn’t entirely clear whether Hussain was appealing at every single ball, but his entertainment value was second to none. He even helped crocked umpire Frank Brown up the steps at the end, and then gave our young hero Harry Bold a congratulatory hug. Not sure Harry was over keen on this, but if we were giving out awards Hussain would definitely get one.

Incidentally, I know that other clubs read our website – so I would like to go on record to congratulate Hollingworth seconds on providing excellent sporting opposition. To be honest, most of our opposition have been similar this season, but Hollingworth used to get some bad press which is definitely no longer deserved. A credit to their club and to the league.

Meanwhile, the firsts are suffering from Eddie Ford’s depression as they succumbed to a 15 run defeat at Hollingworth. Apparently cruising inpursuit of 177, they collapsed to 161 all out, including several ducks.