A Week As Second Team Captain – Monday

Fallout from selection is already happening. A hassle I could do without. Teams have been sent to Buxton Advertiser – now its just cry offs I have to worry about.

Some interesting comments from S.F. Morten on the Facebook page – think he must be getting a bit giddy on the run up to his wedding.

Having second and third thoughts about end of season song. Day-O seems much more appropriate, or even The Wanderer.

Scholesy, Scho-o-o-olesy. Daylight come and me wanna go home.


He’s got Dale on his left arm he’s got Crompy on his right, and Heysey is the boy that he’ll be with tonight. But when you ask him, which one he loves the best, he tears open his shirt and there’s Pete Crowley on his chest. They call him Scholesy, they call him Scholesy, he goes around and round and round.

Maybe I’m just being frivolous!

Build up to the six a side just starting – need a good strong squd on the bar as Toe has to avoid heavy lifting.