A Week As Second Team Captain – Sunday

Finished all of the formalities for yesterday’s epic moral victory (ok, 84 run defeat) against New Mills, including the umpire assessment, match report and statistics. As well as the team performance, it was encouraging that everyone helped out afterwards, with Graham hoovering as Gibbo brushed the wicket. We also had a sightscreen squad and a great ruck of people collecting discs and flags. Only downside is that we broke a bail, but there’s a draw full of em in the umpires room.

Selection later – and it promises to be an interesting one.

And indeed it was an interesting one! Debate about first team wicketkeeping duties and how old you have to be to avoid fielding duties. All very entertaining but ultimately the selection committee had to pick the teams and I still ended up contacting additional players to check availability.

On the plus side, TR being in the seconds will help with the end of season song (a version of Jambalaya with Scholesy as the hero), and it is rumoured that Neil Woolley is now friends with Dale on Facebook again!