Cup Fever!

Its cup weekend this week, with Whaley first team at home to Tintwistle. As the seconds made their customary early exit there should be plenty of support available.

Milly has indded resigned from the Selection Committee, leaving teh way clear for Matt Slack to take his place. I have to say that based on last night, the Selection Committee seem to have done a good job for the potentially tricky weekend fixtures.

The tuck shop is practically overflowing with goodies, and I’m not talking about Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden. As well as the much publicised two types of Wagon Wheels, there is a new batch of Flying Saucers, Chewitts, Vimto Sweets and Mentos, more bears, and a ton of chocolate. We still have plenty of crisps and pop, but still no licence to sell alcohol!

The Match Report section features the debut of new writer Elliott Simmonds, provide an entertaining, though often grammatically incorrect, tale of the events from the last two third team games. All Elliott did was to email me the reports, and there they are in glorious technicolour. Its that easy! So if you have something to say, just let me have it and I will do the rest. Incidentally, as this is a public website, we will not publish any features or articles that are derogatory or disrespectful towards our opposition in any way whatsoever.