Fathers Day

So how come on Mothers Day mum gets pampered, waited on hand and foot, etc, whilst on Fathers Day mum disappears and leaves dad to entertain and feed the kids? Whats that all about? Zac burnt me some toast for breakfast, but it seemed to be all about what movie I was going to take them to see. Kung Fu Panda 2 didn’t seem to be as good as Kung Fu Panda 1, but then again I slept through most of it.

First team were abysmal on Saturday, and the seconds were not much better. Availability is improved this week, but still missing a couple of key first teamers.

Still awaiting any repercussions after Eddie gave Colin a friendly tap across the head on Saturday night, a tap that was a bit heavier than expected as Eddie was drunk.

Under 16s at Hazel Grove but Ole still got shingles. Probably call in and pick up a couple of magic wands!