Tuck Shop News

Bit of a turn up at Poundland today – Wagon Wheels. Thought we’d seen the last of them but no – and they seem bigger than the last ones, though obviously not as big as the ones from childhood which were at least a foot across.

And on the same subject – Flying Saucers are also on sale, but these are about a third of the size of the ones from yesteryear.

Hadfield seconds at home on Saturday – and the league website seems to have cleared up the confusion over their game against Hazel Grove last weekend. They were bowled out for 67, and then Hazel Grove collapsed from 37 for 1 to 44 all out. Sounds just like Whaley.

Struggling for players for the golf on Friday, but Col reckons its going to rain. Think Darryl will be trying to get it cancelled soon if the clouds continue to gather.