An unusual occurrence

Its Saturday morning and we’ve had no cry offs. Not a single one. Is that as a result of a better policy by the Selection Committee, or possibly euphoria at three wins out of three last weekend? Who knows – but its only 9.45 so there’s still time yet.

The picture on the front page was taken by Nick Latham at the under 13s game last Wednesday. Ironically, it was the same day that Roy Skelton, the voice behind Rainbow, sadly died, so somehow there must be a little bit of Bungle in the Cricket Club. Or should that be a little bit of the Cricket Club in Bungle?

No news on the enquiry by Councillor Goldfinch as to who is responsible for the potentially dangerous eyesore that is our old pavilion.

We’ve got Tintwistle in the Bissenden quarter final – obviously rigged to keep us and Hayfield apart until the final.

Under 14s were valiant in defeat against a strong Glossop side last night, chasing 130-4 and ending up around 95-8. Alex Cripps was probably our man of the match.

Tuck shop now stocked to overflowing, with tons of chocolate and a fresh batch of fruit shoots.

Theres a disturbing trend of seniors appearing at junior practice in recent weeks, but at least theres some practice actually taking place.

Disturbing news from Toe last weekend – back to the good old days of rolling home when its light. And Sue’s face on Sunday told you everything you needed to know about how she was feeling!