Just Another Manic Monday

The day started off innocently enough, note to self: ring Caddy to see if he is available on Saturday, but I ended up ringing our president for an entirely different reason. An email from councillor Goldfinch, including pictures, questioned who was responsible for our old pavilion as it is now very dilapidated and a potentially dangerous eyesore. The committee went into denial, including Caddy who insisted that there would be some documentary evidence stating that our ex landlord wanted the buildings to remain, so now Johnny Goddard is on the case. Caddy then denied that the Buxton junior fixture cock up, coincidentally the same fixture that was cocked up last season, was nothing to do with him as he just printed what he got off the league. Odd that the league handbook has the fixture correct! First team are still buzzing after the historic win against Dinting, and an email from Mike Brown, secretary and umpire, heaped praise on both teams for the excellent contest played in a very good spirit. Ironically, it was a fixture between these teams last season that landed our captain in hot water. So what has changed in such a short space of time? I suppose there must be an overriding factor somewhere behind this year’s entente cordiale! I suggested to Mike that we would like Hayfield in the quarter final, and he suggested that, like FIFA, I should name a price. Jokingly of course, but we await Thursdays draw with interest. Being Whaley Bridge, if we get drawn against Hayfield we will claim it was rigged, and if we don’t get drawn against Hayfield, we will claim it was rigged. Finally, just before bedtime, congratulations to the under 16s on their first win for two years against Buxton. It was a pleasure to to see the enthusiasm as our boys approached the winning post, with Milly whispering his instructions to the fielders. Probably more relieved than most is Nici, as she finally got to see Milly smile on a Monday night. Incidentally, Caddy is not available on Saturday!