When will summer begin?

It was another bitterly cold night as the under 16s lost to Chapel, and it was a welcome break to have the selection meeting indoors. By next week we should be back to something approaching our full squad, so all players who have not yet paid their subs should make this a priority or risk non selection.

And to make matters worse there’s a bloody ash cloud threatening my trip to St Lucia on Friday.

The first team captain is still to apologise for his monumental cock up last weekend. Is it worse than the donkey sketch? Possibly not – but its a close second.

For those of you who do not know WBCC used to have a donkey. When putting the ground to bed at the end of one particular season the donkey was stabled for the winter in a shed. Unfortunately it was then forgotten about until spring when sadly, though not surprisingly, the donkey had died.