What Went Wrong?

In the long and colourful history of Whaley Bridge CC cock ups, Saturday 21st May will be right up there. We’ve left players here, there and everywhere, we’ve used ferrets to get rid of a rabbit problem only to leave ourselves with a ferret problem, we’ve inadvertently killed a cow, and we’ve had a fire. There are many more, but the sequence of events that unfolded around 1pm on 21st May will surely go down in history. Having had a settled side for several days we were perhaps a little over optimistic, and so it proved.The first team captain rang to say that they had somehow managed to select 12 for the first team, and they would have to send someone to play in the seconds. This meant that we would have to drop someone from the seconds, not a particularly pleasant thing to do. Fortunately, Dave Mulholland was only too pleased to help out, and having been the first player to arrive at New Mills he was the first to leave, by several hours. Marc Thompson duly arrived at New Mills, and was given the news that he was opening. Before he could start getting ready the time had moved on to 1.15pm, and ominously his phone rang. It was the firs team captain again, stating that he had miscounted and they now only had 10 men. The second team reaction was obvious. P*ss off and sort out your own mess. Dale tried to pull rank by stating “the first team get priority”, which is true at selection, but I’m not convinced that this should have been the case on Saturday afternoon. It seemed unfair to mess Dave Mulholland about yet again, so the groundsman was despatched to New Mills, with Tommo risking the speed camera again by travelling in the opposite direction. After 1 over the seconds were 2 for 2, probably not down to the first team captain’s incompetence, but it certainly won’t have helped. So what will the censure be? Any self respecting individual would surely fall on his sword, or at least step down for a game, but as yet there is no sign of any of this. He has not even apologised to Dave yet!

By the end of the second team game most of the players were sick of the tale, but I suspect the dust has yet to settle.

In terms of the cricket both teams were dismissed for low scores. The firsts managed just 99, and 1 batting point, whilst the seconds recovered from their early start to muster 100, which gave them a second batting point. In both cases New Mills knocked off their target with ease.

Not sure when selection will be – but it should be interesting.