All is not well….

The firsts recorded an easy victory over Buxworth in the cup, but the seconds fared less well. Without their inspirational captain, and with only 10 men after Anthony Rowntree decided not to show, Gibbo’s ingenuity was always going to be stretched. Fid provided an able 11th man, but reports came in that after 20 overs Whaley were 28 for 0, with Peter Crowley set to bat for the whole day and beyond. Unfortunately cup fixtures are just 40 overs per side, and this put pressure on the rest of the batting, a point that Gibbo was only too happy to point out. “We would still have a chance if they used Peter to open the batting” quipped the makeshift skipper, but the Boycottesque batsman gave an admirable reply. “Or get Gibbo to captain them” was his retort, and I believe that trumps Gibbo’s effort!

Better news from the seconds where Crompy registered a big score. Hopefully, the details will appear on the match reports page when Gibbo retrieves the scorebook from up at the ground!