What a team!

The emphasis is on “team” with the seconds. Colin got 4 wickets, Gibbo got 4 wickets, there was a stumping and a number of catches, then Jake got 30 and Scholesy 50 not out. Compstall couldnt cope, and we cruised to a 5 wicket victory, a phrase that you could never previously associate with Whaley 2nds.

I should also say that the firsts are an absolute disgrace! Getting hammered by Woodley, its no wonder their captain has so far submitted no match reports.

Anyway – good luck to the under 11s and you can read all about the 2nd team’s second consecutive victory on the match report page tomorrow.

Weather forecast not great – in fact is pouring down right now.

Incidentally, for those of you stumbling across this website and wondering what all the fuss is about, you can meet your heroes on the Sheps every Saturday after the game, and amidst your autograph hunting please take time out to have a go on Milly’s football card.