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  • On Teas

    This article aims to set the issue of teas into some sort of contextual and analytical framework. Specifically, at issue is the WBCC’s proposal that compulsory club provided teas mandated by the DCCL be abolished. To a lesser extent, it aims to give due consideration to the article of 12 September 2014 by Mr Madden […]


  • To begin at the beginning:

    On a mild late-July day in 2013, a completely unanticipated lightening bolt struck the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club website. Its implications were wrought through a note of apparent discord. That ‘bolt’ was in reality the article, ‘Any Thoughts?’, which soon became the prime mover in a debate that was almost immediately closed down by its […]


  • Some Other Thoughts…

    No – I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar‎ > ‎ Far be it from me to decry Mr Shaw’s recent article ‘Any Thought’s’ as mere polemic, and although there is unquestionably a case for a re-evaluation of the prevailing methodology evinced within the superstructure, as well as for the operational format for the pursuit of […]