Players Charter

  1. Players shall at all times abide by the rules of the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club, as published in the club handbook.
  2. All Players shall respect the property of the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club as well as the property of its players and that of the opposition.
  3. In all cricketing matters, including matches and practice sessions, all players shall abide by the decisions of the senior captain in attendance.
  4. All senior players shall be given a minimum of four “200 Club” tickets to be sold.
  5. All junior players shall be given a minimum of one “200 Club” ticket to be sold.
  6. Players shall give notice to the selection committee as to their availability in advance of any selection committee meeting.
  7. Players shall be expected to give at least 24 hours notice of their non-availability to the captain of the team in which they have been selected.
  8. Players are expected to attend and assist at the pre-season ground work (normally the weekend before the first match) , post season ground work (normally the day after the last match), the pub six a side and the Fun Day.
  9. Players shall be given an allocation of Christmas Draw tickets, which they are expected to sell and to return the stubs in time for the Christmas Draw.
  10. Players shall be expected to arrive at the ground or departure point for away matches in advance of the specified meeting time.
  11. Players shall undertake ground duty as specified in the club handbook and under the direction of the ground co-ordinator or his deputy. This should be done either on Friday evening or Saturday morning, and should be completed in advance of the specified meeting time for that day’s fixture.
  12. All players shall assist in preparing the ground for play, including moving all sightscreens and covers.
  13. All players shall endeavour to participate in any official fund raising events that may take place on behalf of the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club.
  14. Failure to adhere to the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club’s Players’ Charter may result in the player being disciplined by the Executive Committee.

Adopted: 13th April 2005